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Product Brochures

Aura Intelligent Booking (IDB - UK)

Aura Intelligent Signage Displays (IDS - UK)

Aura Intelligent Television / Digital Displays (IDT - UK)

Aura Intelligent Retail Solution (IDR - UK)

Aura Intelligent Booking (IDB - US)

Aura Intelligent Signage Displays (IDS - US)

Aura Intelligent Television / Digital Displays (IDT - US)

Aura Intelligent Retail Solution (IDR - US)

Spec Sheets


IDT Central Management Controller

IDT - DVB Enterprise Gateway

IDT - DVB Standalone Gateway

IDT- Set Top Receiver

IDT - EN002

IDT - EN003

IDT - EN004

IDT - EN4k

IDT - EN005

IDT - Network Considerations

IDT - Mini Gateway

IDS - Android Media Player

IDS - Network Considerations

IDC - Overview

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