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Spec Sheets

Ricoh IM 2500-6000 Series Product Datasheet

The IM 2500(A), IM 3000(A), IM 3500(A), IM 4000A, IM 5000A and IM 6000 are designed to effortlessly boost office productivity thanks to features such as high scanning speeds, Always Current Technology and an extensive range of finishing options

Spec Sheets

Ricoh IM 7000-9000 Series Product Datasheet

The IM 7000/ IM 8000 / IM 9000 are at the top end of Ricoh’s range of black and white multifunction office printers. Designed to keep pace with streamlined processes and smarter ways of working, they ae scalable, secure, sustainable and simple


Ricoh Colour Intelligent Devices IM C6500/IM C800

Simple, secure and scalable, the RICOH IM C6500 and IM C8000 are productive and long-term solutions to your rapidly evolving business needs

Spec Sheets

Ricoh IM C6500 / IM C8000

This datasheet discusses the key environmental features & programs available for the Ricoh intelligent IM C6500 and IM C8000 devices

Spec Sheets

Ricoh IM C2000A / IM C2500A

A versatile MDF solution that streamlines your communications. This datasheet highlights the key benefits and features of each solution

Spec Sheets

Ricoh IM C3000(A) / C3500(A)

Welcome to a new era of technology that keeps your workplace up-to-date, now and in the future. Smarter working made simple thanks to the IM C3000(A)/C3500(A)

Spec Sheets

Ricoh IM C4500(A) / C5500(A) / C6000

Outstanding features and improved work performance allows you to work smarter and more effectively. New technology that is designed to grow and adapt, just as your business does. Learn more about the RICOH IM C4500(A)/C5500(A)/C6000 devices here

Spec Sheets

Ricoh Pro C5300s/C5310s Colour Production Printer

The RICOH Pro C5300s/C5310s, built as a right-sized solution, combines high-quality colour, exceptional media handling, powerful performance, and a range of finishing options. Learn more about the professional-grade speeds and advanced technologies in this spec sheet

Spec Sheets

Ricoh Environmental Features & Programs

Learn more about the environmental features and programs of the Ricoh IM 2500(A), IM 3000(A), IM 3500(A), IM 4000A, IM5000A, IM 6000

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