Retail Displays

The physical retail experience has never been so exciting, or so seamlessly integrated with the digital world. It’s engaging, it’s dynamic, and it’s tailored to the individual.

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A new age of in-store retail experience

Draw customers in with a showpiece front-of-house LED wall (and engage with your audience before they’ve stepped over the threshold – or even when the store is closed), inform and influence shoppers at every stage of their browsing and decision-making process with sensor-initiated screens, and highlight campaigns for new collections and special offers in high-footfall areas, the choice is yours.

Sensor-driven tech offers automation possibilities for the slickest, most user-friendly digital customer service experience, enabling lift-and-learn stations for product familiarity, and auto-starting content that demonstrates real-world examples of how a product might look (say, how a piece of furniture could be incorporated into different interiors, or a selection of ways in which a garment may be styled). Even more complex targeting strategies can be put into action, too, with the use of age and gender detection technology.


Smart targeting for maximum engagement – and sales

Upselling can be facilitated, through additional product suggestions at the shelf edge, while connectivity with mobile apps via QR codes also supports an omnichannel approach to maximising sale value. These apps also allow customers to control the digital display themselves, enabling optimal access to product specifications, promotion information, demonstration videos, and appointment booking.

The flexibility and functionality of our intelligent digital display systems for retail will help you deliver the full brand experience to your customers through a strategic, tailored network of smart screens – driving footfall, brand engagement, and sales. It will also help to deliver valuable data to you, thanks to our advanced analytics. Vital feedback on product interactivity and comparisons, as well campaign popularity and outcomes, can help point your future strategic choices in the right direction.


Reduce cost and complexity, increase effectiveness

As well as maximising the impact of brand communications, our digital display solutions offer efficiency and cost-reduction benefits. Centralised management of all in-store media, both visual and audio, means that the time and cost of updating traditional media (such as signage and posters) can be cut, while consistency across multiple stores, globally, can be achieved at the touch of a button.

Additionally, we work with our customers to help guide their in-store digital communications for maximum impact, and can even provide an end-to-end content generation and management service, from campaign concept to conclusions (and everything in between).

With the virtual and physical merged in this way, a true omnichannel retail experience can both increase footfall and maximise data capture, for optimal sales performance both at the present time and in the future. Contact our expert team to discuss the possibilities for your brand, and find out how we can help you achieve your sales targets and wider business objectives.


An experience for all the senses

In the 21st century, multi-sensual store encounters augment the bricks-and-mortar shopping experience, facilitated by next-generation tech, and provide a strong experiential pull to rival the ease and convenience of online shopping. Our smart technology offers a way to create an engaging, immersive experience for shoppers, to inform and inspire their purchases, improving customer service satisfaction (which is especially important during times when close personal attention is not an option).


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