With in-person tuition the traditional and pervading method of delivering education, the digital revolution has perhaps been slow to arrive, compared to other sectors.

There’s a good reason for this. Only now has it been possible to create a virtual classroom that enables teachers and lecturers to recreate the energy of live lessons, as well as capture the non-verbal cues that tell them how learners are responding. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved in education.

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Key Benefits:

21st century education: convenient, high-quality, accessible

Cutting edge tech has opened up new possibilities for immersive distance learning. Leading higher education establishments were already beginning to implement remote options before the pandemic hit education hard, but the take-up that’s been seen since March 2020 is unprecedented. We must have moved on about 10 years in a matter of months, with most educational settings making use of some kind of tech-led solution for remote learning. Post-COVID these hurriedly implemented remote learning measures can be reviewed, and more considered digital solutions adopted, for the optimal remote learning experience. This will not just ensure continuity of education in the face of COVID, but also open up new markets (and revenue streams) in other parts of the world, and expand reach throughout the UK.

Key Benefits:

Remote learning without compromise

Purpose-built virtual classrooms offer the richest, most engaging environment for real-time remote learning, and enable blended teaching, too. With high-definition, bi-directional audio-visual capabilities, interactive whiteboards, monitors for content sharing, and a host of collaboration tools, these spaces create the most natural and immersive experience for remote participants. This characteristic is especially strengthened by the use of assigned seats for students (whose ‘presence’ is displayed in the physical classroom on a high-resolution video wall), facilitated by unique perspective view cameras and directional audio. Much as in a live setting, tutors can pick up on visual clues and conduct individual conversations. This enables them to encourage better engagement and understanding in much the same way as when teaching in person.

Key Benefits:

Invest in the future with a digital campus

The development of these secure, flexible, tech-enabled classroom environments has opened up the world of education, offering greater resilience and agility to higher education providers and enterprise training facilities alike. With the opportunity to deliver courses to learners anywhere in the world, the commercial possibilities are appealing; expansion is achievable without raising real estate and facilities management costs. It’s also possible to consolidate physical spaces for a leaner, more cost-effective operation. In today’s educational market, where students are often digital natives, not only does this type of digital transformation deliver operation efficiency, but it becomes an essential part of the competitive edge. A digital campus is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s an essential part of future-proofing an educational establishment, to ensure it is worthy of future students’ investment.

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