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Kofax ControlSuite Summary

This document summaries Kofax’s ControlSuite™ and how you can extend the value of your Multi-Function Device (MFD) investments with Multi- Channel Document Workflow Automation.

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Kofax Power PDF Advanced

A product summary of Kofax document management tool, the leading pdf software built for business users PDF solution.

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Kofax Power PDF Mobile

A product summary of the Kofax document solution built for mobile users. Explanations of how you can view, edit, sign and manage documents, all at your fingertips.

Spec Sheets

Kofax Printix

A sales configuration guide for Kofax cloud-based print management SaaS solution ‘Printix’ which provides a public cloud offering needed to address the growing market demand from customers seeking to offload print infrastructure and migrate to print-as-a-service.


Kofax Printix Whitepaper - Meeting Data Security

Kofax’s whitepaper looks at the types of threats a cloud-based print infrastructure has to anticipate and what types of steps can be taken to mitigate those threats. It also looks at how cloud-based printing fits in with the expectations of data protection under the GDPR and other compliance measures such as HIPAA.


Kofax Printix Modern Cloud Printing

This brochure outlines the top reasons to complete your cloud migration with Printix.


Kofax Printix Security and Privacy Guide

Printix is a cloud-based print management service especially designed and structured to provide a com-cost savings. This document describes the components, and architecture of the Printix Cloud system to provide an understanding of the way we handle privacy and security in our solution.

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