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Owl Labs The Nest Fleet Management

The Nest by Owl Labs is a portal for easily managing your fleet of Owl devices. Get 360° visibility into your tech stack with at-a-glance status updates, real-time notifications, and usage analytics. Remotely adjust settings, update software, and troubleshoot issues to optimize performance. With robust tools to support and scale your tech, the Nest gives you back time to focus on your team and workplace innovation.


Owl Labs Meeting Owl 3

The Meeting Owl 3 from Owl Labs is an all-in-one 360° camera, microphone, and speaker built for hybrid meetings. Its panoramic fisheye lens captures the entire room, while its 8 beamforming mics and AI auto-focus showcase whoever is speaking. For easy setup, it's plug-and-play compatible with leading video platforms and pairs seamlessly with other Owl devices. Place this intelligent owl in the center of your table to give remote participants an immersive meeting experience.


Owl Labs Meeting Owl 3 and Meeting Bar

Bring agility and collaboration to every meeting space with Owl Labs' clever duo of smart cameras. The Meeting Owl 3 captures a panoramic 360° view from the centre of the room, while the front-facing Owl Bar offers a 4K wide-angle perspective. Their advanced AI seamlessly switches between views to showcase active speakers and whiteboards. Outfit your dynamic teams with this flexible ecosystem built for hybrid work.


Owl Labs Whiteboard Owl

The Whiteboard Owl from Owl Labs enhances the view of analogue whiteboards for remote participants. Its dedicated camera wirelessly connects to Owl meeting devices to showcase writing and brainstorms with increased clarity and visibility. The Whiteboard Owl reduces glare and shadows, makes presenters transparent, and pairs with the Meeting Owl's 360° view for fully immersive hybrid collaboration. Simply mount this clever owl near your non-glass whiteboard to make brainstorms more engaging for distributed teams.

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