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Removing an administrative burden is one of the key ways in which technology can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve productivity in any organisation. And printed mail can be quite the administrative burden, as it must be designed, written, printed, checked, put into envelopes, the correct postage attached, then it must be passed on to your chosen delivery service (which may all sound simple, but once you scale up by hundreds or thousands, it becomes a very big job indeed).

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Print is not dead – it’s just evolved

But all that considered, we can’t simply just send emails instead. Even in this digital age, print has an important part to play in communicating with stakeholders of all kinds (from marketing mailshots to formal letters), in a tangible way; a way that reaches them reliably, with something concrete, to catch the attention.


Better value mail is just a mouse click away

Our hybrid mail solution ticks all the boxes. Not only are onerous and time-consuming processes taken care of off-site by print and fulfilment facilities that boast the latest tech (for premium quality and efficiency), but it’s quick and easy for your staff to create and order printed mailouts. From a single document to thousands of letters, they can do so at the click of a button, using our web browser interface (wherever it is they’re working from).

Expenditure can be cut, too, with business print and postage costs reduced by up to 50% - not to mention the time saved internally, which translates into saved cash, because time is indeed money. With branded templates, or the option to use a desktop application, no corners are cut when it comes to the quality and content, and there’s no need to spend time or money on staff training because the user experience is so intuitive.


Trackable and secure: know what’s what, whenever

As you would expect from next-generation technology, security measures are without compromise, and you can track your items (whether UK or international) through to dispatch, as well as access real-time and historic data on what was and is being sent to whom, and when.

To find out more about how our hybrid mail and print services can help you streamline document-based workflows, cut costs, and raise productivity, contact our team to start a conversation.


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Workspaces, not workplaces

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Print less, automate more

Avoid isolating your print processes for greater efficiency


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