ESG – environmental, social and governance – has rapidly progressed from its first mention in the 2004 United Nations report Who Cares Wins (on recommendations for better investment markets and more sustainable societies) to being one of the biggest current-day strategic priorities for C-suite decision-makers.

ESG is now woven into the everyday operations of all organisations, driven by regulatory changes and stakeholder pressure – particularly the fact that customers are increasingly making buying decisions with ethical considerations in mind.


ESG: at the heart of what we do

ESG has been central to Aura’s story since we were first formed in 2020. From the start, our leadership team of entrepreneurs and ex-FTSE 100 executives had a keen sense of how the business had to deliver more than just shareholder value, and become a force for the greater good. It truly means something to us; we feel privileged as business leaders to be in a position to make such a positive impact on the world – we can make a real difference, not just for our own business, but for our clients, our stakeholders, and the wider community. In fact, at Aura we would go as far as to say that ESG is baked into our purpose – we help organisations create tech-enabled workspaces which reduce costs and carbon footprints, while improving stakeholder experiences as well as business resilience, agility and sustainability. In addition, with solutions tailored to business need, there is no over-consumption. This all means we can help organisations better fulfil their purposes, in a sustainable way, and better serve their communities.

Our Values
ESG: at the heart of what we do

ESG as a journey of continuous improvement

ESG isn’t just a list of boxes to tick, and it isn’t a destination – it’s an ongoing process of continuous improvement to achieve environmental, social and governance objectives. It’s incredibly complex, woven through every aspect of an organisation, also extending both upstream and downstream when it comes to the supply chain.

Within Aura we anchor our ESG thinking with a written policy based around the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, and we are continually devising more and more ways to positively impact our objectives and go further than regulatory requirements. We are of course ISO14001 compliant and have a Bronze EcoVadis sustainability rating, evidence of our commitment, and which underpin our journey to change the world, one workspace at a time.

We have ESG champions across the business in a variety of functions, fully supported by leadership to make decisions which will further boost our ESG credentials across energy consumption, environmental protection, waste management, transport and logistics, and more. But of course, it’s not just about our own credentials, but how we can drive positive change working with partners and customers.

ESG as a journey of continuous improvement

Working with the best ESG-minded partners

The ESG credentials of our supply chain partners are key to our success in hitting our objectives, especially in terms of environmental protection. We actively seek out partners who take a proactively responsible approach to sustainability, including the development of lower-energy products, and work with them on a wide variety of initiatives which reduce environmental impact.

Our automated supply chain process has also been designed to ensure that the way in which we work with our partners meets ESG goals – it not only minimises the use of print (using less paper, ink and electricity), but reduces fuel use since parts and consumables are sent direct to the customer’s site, rather than being collected by the engineer who then visits the customer’s location. In addition, a tracking system improves the user experience and aids transparency.

Our Partners
Working with the best ESG-minded partners

Supporting our clients’ ESG goals

Because we create cleverly integrated digital and physical workspaces for our clients, we can support their ESG objectives in a variety of ways.

We help customers improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact through our well-honed consultancy and management process of audit, analysis, and solution, across our entire workspace technology offering. This has been proven to affect reductions in energy use, wastage and resource utilisation, all adding up to significant carbon reduction.

From a social perspective, our workspaces remove everyday niggles and allow people to focus on their key objectives, which means less stress, while the possibility of better collaboration with colleagues improves stakeholder experience as well as work output. In addition, wellbeing considerations including noise levels, ventilation, lighting and ergonomics are all taken into account.

Governance, too, can be improved through Aura’s holistic approach to workspace technology. Thanks to our real-time and reporting dashboards it’s possible to base corporate decision making on dependable facts and data.

Supporting our clients’ ESG goals

Aura’s current areas of focus are

Wellbeing is inherent in what we do; our reimagined workspaces are designed to be ergonomic and people-centric, our attention to a frictionless stakeholder experience make these environments as stress-free as possible, while comfort levels are carefully considered too. We also offer our employees an extensive health and wellbeing programme, which extends to their families.

Our forward-thinking reimagined workspaces are created through a process that is holistic, collaborative and innovative; our development of new working environments also takes a responsible attitude to sustainability, matching resources to business need and supporting client objectives that lead to growth and profitability. We practice what we preach, and use our connected workspaces as a best practice exemplar.

Reducing waste and improving efficiencies has always made good business sense, but in this day and age a responsible attitude to consumption goes well beyond cost savings and a healthier bottom line. Our innovative reimagined workspaces redefine the necessary resources required, for better sustainability, while also boosting productivity through better collaboration and the removal of day-to-day niggles.

Business leaders all now recognise the significant part they play in reducing the climate-change impact of their organisation’s carbon footprint, and as a result this objective is often key to many of our clients’ requirements. We help companies drastically reduce their carbon footprint through a reduction in the use of energy, by selecting the most energy-efficient technology, and more closely matching business needs.

Technology companies have a particular responsibility to address issues around sustainability, owing to the iterative nature of innovation, and given the complexity of the supply chain it’s imperative that there is a coherent approach employed. We work closely with clients and suppliers to ensure best practice in our procurement processes, buying and specifying quality products that are environmentally sound.

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