The Connected Workspace

Connect your global workforce, and everyone reaps the rewards. Our holistic approach to tech-integrated workspaces enables the improvements in efficiency, productivity and agility required for organisations to thrive in today’s business climate.

Workspaces, not workplaces

The old 9-to-5 is dead. Work can take place anywhere, anytime, thanks to the evolution of technology. And as you would expect from any situation that is constantly evolving, the technological landscape is a complicated one. There are myriad clever solutions out there, and a dizzying number of variations within each one, to enable flexibility for a variety of business types and needs. But juggling individual tools and apps is inefficient on both an individual and company-wide level. Efficiencies can be made. Wasted time can be avoided. Costs can be reduced.

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A fresh approach is needed

What’s really needed is an integrated approach to the connected workspace - creating a seamless flow through the day, whether an individual works from a single place or switches between multiple locations. A connected workspace which enables staff to simply get on with achieving their business-related objectives, puts data and resources at their fingertips, and facilitates easy collaboration with colleagues and clients, as well as enabling stress-free navigation of a company’s physical locations. A connected workspace which encompasses the digital and the physical in one seamless, uncomplicated system. In short, a connected workspace that’s so cleverly engineered it seems odd that we ever worked in any other way.

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New ways of thinking, new opportunities

We believe we have the answer. We have built an offering that incorporates managed print, workflow solutions, workspace booking systems, homeworking solutions, video conferencing, interactive signage, retail displays, workspace consultancy, and much more. This unique model not only addresses the need for an agile and flexible workspace solution, but integrates the various specialisms involved in delivering an environment (both virtual and physical) that will properly support broader business objectives. Our approach is holistic, consultative and collaborative, with unrivalled customer support from end to end. We’re also unique in offering clients a choice between a managed service, project basis, or an as-a-service capability, with sophisticated analytics used across all to inform strategic decisions going forwards.

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Digital transformation is a process, not a goal

Why do we think this new approach is required? In short, to ensure that workspaces work for their users, and continue to do so over time, even when the business and its processes develop and change.

While it’s easy to think of digital transformation in binary terms – you’ve either converted to digital processes or you haven’t – it’s actually more of a continuum. Using continuous improvement decision-making, based on the dependable data supplied by our cutting-edge digital systems, physical and virtual workspaces can evolve and improve, enabling an organisation to flex and shift as the business need dictates.

Our connected workspaces are uniquely designed to support business objectives by improving productivity, reducing complexity and risk, and controlling costs. To start a conversation about how we can help your organisation unlock its potential, contact us today.

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