Stadia and Event Spaces

The world of events – including conferences and trade shows, as well as sporting, music, and other leisure-related fixtures, and much more besides – has been transformed in recent years, thanks to digital advances from social media to video streaming technology.

Connecting the virtual and physical worlds, creating a media-rich, integrated experience for attendees to enjoy and share, is key to creating a wow-factor at events (whether they’re for business or pleasure), as well as for streamlining behind-the-scenes operations.

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Key Benefits:

Raising sport’s game with innovation

Professional sport is a whole new ballgame since the industry began to use digital technology to drive fan engagement and augment athlete performance. Across flagship stadia and training grounds alike, video technology enables both more effective training (through on-screen analysis both in real-time and as playback), as well as more accurate matchday judgement calls – plus there’s the opportunity of additional revenue streams through live pay-per-view video feeds direct to the fans, dispensing with the need for TV channel deals. In addition to this watch-from-anywhere facility, online merchandise stores and digital experiences, as well as social media for fan engagement, offer the opportunity to expand the fan base globally, far beyond those who are able to attend venues in person. And for those who can – well, the dazzling, immersive multimedia experience of their visit extends beyond the simple sporting fixture to an exclusive (and eminently shareable) experience.

Key Benefits:

Fulfilling the expectations of digital-savvy event attendees

From stadia events (both sporting and otherwise) to more modest gatherings of like-minded people, digital technology is invaluable in wayfinding and information dissemination – essential to smooth running and attendee satisfaction. Intelligent displays and interactive signage offer immediate answers to common questions, freeing event staff up to deal with more complex queries, while digital screens offer the opportunity for static and televisual advertising, opening up an additional revenue stream. Spaces from lecture halls to smaller meeting rooms offer a superlative delegate experience where the connectivity is device agnostic, and simply works, without causing delays for facilitators, speakers or attendees, while video conference technology can enable virtual attendance possibilities, for maximum reach and revenue.

Key Benefits:

Tech-enabled hospitality for outstanding customer satisfaction

When it comes to event hospitality, cutting-edge tech offers huge scope to augment customer satisfaction. For example, communication between a restaurant kitchen and front-of-house can be improved through digital ordering; specific requests and dietary requirements are accurately conveyed, and food comes out to the customer without delay or error. This not only results in a better guest experience, but staff can then focus on providing superlative service, rather than fire-fighting problems. In a setting where accommodation is part of the mix, technology can be employed for a more comfortable, personalised experience. From check-in to check-out, guests can enjoy the convenience and ease of staffless lobbies and keyless entry, chatbot services for local attraction or restaurant recommendations, personalised entertainment (even access to streaming services using their existing accounts), and ‘smart’ rooms, which enable guests to tailor the temperature and lighting to their preference.

Key Benefits:

Transforming the staff experience, elevating quality and productivity

Whatever the nature of a particular event space, the back-office operations can be transformed – in terms of improving productivity, efficiency, and employee experience, all while cutting costs – in much the same way as in any type of business. By connecting people, devices and data effectively within the workspace, it’s possible to make the working day a frictionless one for staff, freeing them up to deliver on their role’s objectives, rather than spend time tackling common niggles or issues. Resource wastage is also reduced – for example, employing a paper-lite approach through managed print means a reduction in the ink, paper and power used – while workflow software, collaboration solutions and access to dependable data, ensures teamwork and decision making is always on point.

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