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The Lure of the Reimagined Workspace

Aura's whitepaper discusses the post-covid workplace and how we can keep those cogs of commerce turning, while offering the sort of employee value proposition which attracts and retains top talent – thereby facilitating excellence, heightened productivity and competitiveness, and futureproofing both the organisation’s brain trust and its success. Read more here.


Healthcare Settings: The Next Generation

As part of the 'Future of the Workspace' whitepapers volume #4 focuses on Healthcare settings, discussing the complexity of navigating the healthcare system to drive better service and user experiences and how digital transformation helps to deliver a better employee experience, too.


About Aura

Aura reimagines how we design and connect our workspaces. We use the power of technology to create seamless experiences for people, brands and organisations. How we are transforming the workspace? Aura is unique in bringing together AV and collaboration, managed print, automated workflow and visual communication solutions – into one integrated offering. Watch this video to understand more about Aura's capabilities and how we can help you.


Workspace Technology as a Service Aura explainer video

Workspace Technology as a Service is an integral part of Aura's value proposition. Organisations are now reviewing what the world of work will looks like for them going forward, and figuring out how to harness the positive strides made, while minimising any negatives.


Remote working: is it the future of business?

Remote working is a divisive topic. For some it’s a practice to be embraced with open arms, while others would much prefer to go back to their pre-COVID status quo, with everyone in the office.


The age of the digital-first law firm

The legal sector has often been thought of as a digital laggard, sticking faithfully to hard copy documents and in-person meetings, while other types of businesses were much earlier adopters when it came to digital transformation. But law firms were already beginning to use technology to their advantage before the pandemic, when the ‘work from home’ restrictions then accelerated this evolution of digital practice.


Print Less, Automate More- 7 simple steps to cut print costs and increase productivity

During the pandemic, the majority of us had to adjust to working from home, with all our collaboration and document sharing done digitally – office printers lay idle. This meant that companies not only saved ink and paper, but power too, resulting in reduced environmental impact and lower costs.


Quocirca Industry Innovators Report- Aura: Reinventing Workspaces For The Hybrid World, 2021

Quocirca believes that Aura is well positioned to ride the wave of necessary realignment of technology as organisations seek capabilities to effectively collaborate and better integrate workflows and print across their business processes. Download the full report and learn how Aura helps organisations unlock their potential, and achieve the improvements in efficiency, productivity and agility required to thrive in today’s business climate.


Global trend report: future workspaces 2021

In this annual report, we share the top global trends affecting the workspace covering the following areas and more, in-depth for 2021-2022.


Global Trend Report 2022-2023 - Future Workspaces

We got our collective heads together to pinpoint the most important trends that we believe will inform workspace design and specification over the next year or so, as we move out of pandemic lockdown territory and towards whatever comes next. Click here to download our Trend Report 2022-2023, and find out more about the most pressing factors influencing work today.

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