The age of the digital-first law firm

The legal sector has often been thought of as a digital laggard, sticking faithfully to hard copy documents and in-person meetings, while other types of businesses were much earlier adopters when it came to digital transformation. But law firms were already beginning to use technology to their advantage before the pandemic, when the ‘work from home’ restrictions then accelerated this evolution of digital practice.

Legal services businesses are now grasping with both hands the benefits that cutting-edge workspace technology can offer, to meet customer demand and expectation through a client-centric approach, to improve the attraction and retention of the best talent, and to gain a competitive edge in a squeezed marketplace.

In this white paper we offer a summary of the key considerations around using the latest technology to facilitate the 21st century law firm’s success, including:

  • Transitioning to a paper-lite practice for cost savings, better sustainability, keener efficiency, and improved security.
  • How connecting the digital and physical workspaces can improve the productivity, collaboration and wellbeing of a firm’s people – and help embed company culture even where the workforce is dispersed.
  • The role of the office in the post-COVID working environment, and how less space can actually do more in the age of hybrid working.

Click here to download our paper ‘The age of the digital-first law firm’ and find out just how taking a holistic approach to workspace technology can support business objectives, to meet profitability and growth ambitions.

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