Reimagining workspaces: what happens after COVID-19?

With the pandemic having caused previously unimaginable disruption to our lives, both at home and at work, we have a golden opportunity to re-think how we live our lives and how we work (indeed, how we do business). Everywhere you look – in every sector, every organisation, and we suspect every household – people are asking ‘what’s next?’.

Whether they go back to the office, stay at home, or opt for some version of hybrid working (of which there are many), the way organisations intend to work post-COVID has been a topic of hot debate in boardrooms across the world. It’s also been at the top of the news agenda for media platforms globally, with myriad voices expressing myriad viewpoints.

In this white paper we have summarised current thinking and research around the return to the office (or lack of it), to bring you an easily digestible round-up of the key considerations that you need to know about, including:

  • The importance of employee value proposition for talent attraction and retention
  • Why cognitive biases can keep us stuck in old ways of thinking
  • The benefits of a positive culture shift
  • How to create people-centric workspaces
  • Why creating frictionless working days will reap rewards
  • How workspaces can support stakeholder wellbeing – and why this is business critical
  • Why the office has become a hub for the brand experience
  • Competitive advantage and its achievement through workspace design

Click here to download our paper ‘The lure of the reimagined workspace’ and find out why forward-thinking organisations are focusing heavily on people-centric spaces and working practices to ensure post-COVID success.

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