Improve agility and resilience with ‘workspace technology as a service’

Workspace technology as a service is quite a recent innovation – indeed, Aura was the first to bring this type of offering to market when our firm was launched in March 2020. But ‘as a service’ is already quite a familiar concept to many. Software as a service (SaaS) came into being around the Millennium, car subscriptions are on the rise, and we’re all quite au fait with the idea of paying for our latest mobile phone in monthly amount.

Better agility, better resilience
One of the key benefits that workspace technology as a service can offer is the way it supports greater business agility, and therefore greater resilience during turbulent times – whether that’s the uncertainty of the latest COVID guideline changes, or any market influence. It’s also ideal for supporting planned business strategy. This is because there is flexibility over what the monthly or quarterly spend can be counted against; the service and technology provided can track the business need as it changes, for whatever reason that may be.

Data-driven continuous improvement
This approach to workspace tech takes a long-term, holistic view, featuring data-driven continuous improvement, and with a focus on outcomes (increased productivity, lower costs, reduced waste, improved stakeholder experience and more) rather than the tech itself. Traditional models sometimes risk the emphasis being on the hardware and software, when actually tech isn’t in itself the silver bullet that some product sales messaging would have you believe. The biggest positive impact on business outcomes is driven by the right integration and implementation decisions, rather than the actual specification of discrete elements.

Solely an operating expense
Workspace technology as a service also brings with it a significant benefit in terms of capital requirement – there isn’t any. With no up-front cost at the start, or when technology needs to be upgraded, expenditure is purely an operating expense on a monthly or quarterly basis. Of course, using the ‘as a service’ option, the business also benefits from not just avoiding tech obsolescence, but ensuring that the benefits of the latest cutting-edge technology can always be employed to support business objectives both current and future.

Supporting business outcomes
We’re seeing more and more businesses looking to switch to the ‘as a service’ model, because of its immediate return on investment, flexibility to match evolving business need, simple tax-efficient payment model which avoids support costs, and the fact that no up-front investment is required (a particular boon, given the economic strains of the past two years). If you’d like to find out more about how our workspace technology as a service offering can support your business’s objectives, and help improve agility and resilience, get in touch with our expert team today.

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