Wouldn’t it be great if connected workspaces just worked seamlessly, as the organisation’s needs evolved, without the constant office or tech refresh cycle, and the corresponding procurement process each time? Well now they can.

Simplify and control costs, while raising quality

Our unique workspace-as-a-service offering bundles all the necessary consultancy, technology and support into one tailored package, for a simple monthly cost (either per asset or per user), to ensure virtual and physical work environments are always at the cutting edge, and so always having the maximum positive impact on productivity.

This model also makes it easy for our integrated solutions to track your business needs more closely, offering the greatest possible benefit – in terms of a better employee and customer experience, optimal security, improved agility and resilience, and reduced cost and complexity – however it is that your business evolves. Flexibility comes as standard; it’s straightforward to scale up the scope of the service as required.

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Making budgets work harder AND smarter

Budgeting is easier through greater cost predictability, while the as-a-service option also protects against fast asset depreciation and avoids the need for big up-front investments. This tax-efficient choice also ensures that your organisation never has obsolete tech slowing down processes or causing user frustration (thus avoiding the corresponding support costs), as a choice of upgrade paths builds this requirement into the delivery.

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