Visit our new Aura London Connected Workspace

Watch - Visit our new Aura London Connected Workspace

We started the plan to create a worlds-first connected workspace (fit for post-pandemic normal) over 9 months ago. We may not be able to confirm exactly when you can visit our new connected workspace just yet – that’ll be understandably down to COVID data, not dates – but we are very excited to reveal that it’s now ready for the wraps to come off…

Located in the heart of London’s Square Mile, our new connected workspace has been designed and fitted out as an exemplar of what can be achieved with the right cutting-edge solutions integrated in the right way, to create the ultimate connected workspace of the future, providing a space for collaboration for those days when working from home just won’t do it!

We’d like to invite you to find out more about the way in which the optimal tech-enabled environment can ensure better productivity, efficiency, agility and resilience, security, customer experience, and employee wellbeing. It’s not just a slick sales spiel, it’s a reality. You will soon be able to see it in action for yourself, at 40 Clifton Street London EC2, where you’ll experience the ease at which it’s possible to navigate the office-based working day.

Finding and booking a desk or room becomes effortless (even if you do it from your mobile, while you’re on your way in), you can print from anywhere without having to spend time persuading your laptop or mobile device to connect with a specific printer, all your files and resources are available at the click of a button, while collaborating with colleagues (either those on-site, or remote – potentially on the other side of the world) is so easy that the focus can remain on your work objectives at all times. No incompatible tech frustration, no struggling to find the resources you need, no glitches that derail collaboration with remote colleagues.

It’s the sort of connected workspace that just works.

When the usual niggles are removed from the equation, everyone can raise their work game – whether they’re actually in the office or working from home. One of the most significant strengths of a bespoke workspace solution such as this is that hybrid or fully remote working can be undertaken without compromise: a global workforce can be connected in a way that’s so cleverly engineered and intuitive that we might almost wonder how we managed to work in any other way.

As we move ever closer to the re-opening of society according to the government’s roadmap, we’re counting the days until we can welcome visitors to our incredible new HQ.

If you’d like to be one of the first to set foot inside our model connected workspace, and see just how frictionless the experience of working in the physical and virtual workspaces can be, do contact us to secure your place in the queue.

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