Reimagining workspace futures - #5 Office Landscape

Watch - Reimagining workspace futures - #5 Office Landscape

Accelerated by the global pandemic, businesses have evolved their ways of working. Mobile and home working means employees are no longer constrained to physical buildings and set hours.

Part #5 of our blog series discusses a common question asked by our customers on how we can help them save on their real estate.

With remote working predicted to remain more common over the coming years, organisations are now considering the new way of structuring their office landscape. Reducing desk spacing due to social distancing, coupled with smart technology to manage desk allocations and the balance of in-office workers vs remote working (see our blog #4 Agile Communications for more details on this) which will require a minimum percentage of employees to be ‘WFH’. This means that of that percentage, any office space including meeting rooms is no longer fully utilised by staff and therefore becoming a redundant costing.

Other considerations around what our ‘new normal’ printing requirements are have resulted in organisations refining their management print solution to now meet the home/work balance making that quantum leap to transform their office infrastructure.

Consolidating real estate with the smart technology mentioned in our previous blogs (here) will help to generate more savings, experience the benefits of increasing productivity, balance the ratio of office-based working whilst still ensuring employee safety and wellbeing comes first.

We have helped our customers save a considerable amount of money a year by introducing smart technology that has enabled them to reduce the number of floors they operated on. With this further global pandemic, that same customer is now able to reduce their office space by another floor saving a substantial cost on their office landscape.

Aura are the only partner uniquely positioned to help transform your business, connect your workforce, and engage your customers. We use the power of technology to create seamless experiences for people, brands and organisations.

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