Reimagining Workspace Futures - #4 Agile Communications

Watch - Reimagining Workspace Futures - #4 Agile Communications

You are no doubt inundated with articles implying ‘times are now changing’… which yes, is true. However, times were already changing. What we see now is that factor being accelerated to the forefront of everyone’s mind, reimagining the workspace future has never been more relevant than it is right now. Hopefully, these bite-sized articles are helping you to reshape the way you are thinking about the future and how technology can be utilised to play a big helping hand in creating a better one.

Part #4 of our blog series discusses the importance of implementing a connected workplace, going beyond the technology provided in just the office and considers how all users working remotely or not, can create and receive dynamic content, anywhere, in real-time.

Multi-channel communications

Using smart technology, you can help push dynamic content including important company updates, health and safety alerts and emergency messaging to all employees – anywhere within the organisation, in real-time. This not only helps to ensure that your comms are reaching all employees whether in the office or remotely working but will also increase overall engagement as employees who feel connected – stay connected.

We have all become accustomed to technology such as Zoom, Teams, and other online conference and video facilities. However, when returning to the office, organisations will need to consider how training and meetings can cater for a hybrid of attendees joining both from a physical space and remotely, and how to maintain engagement and encourage multiple interactions. Capabilities that a basic video call system cannot facilitate.

The future of how training courses, large meetings and town halls will be delivered will need to change and be facilitated using remote collaboration technology to prevent employees from sitting close together, while still catering to a large audience.

Collaboration Room 

Technology such as The Collaboration Room features ultra-high-quality bi-directional audio/visual communication with intelligent multi-camera views, including a unique perspective view for each remote worker. Enabling presenters to engage and deliver the same content simultaneously to both onsite and remote participants. Combining the benefits of live, instructor or moderator-led training with the power and flexibility of a cloud-based virtual platform.

Digital Signage

Agile communications doesn’t just mean how staff communicate with each other, instead how the communication around the office is tailored in the most dynamic and helpful way. Catering to our ‘new normal’, organisations should consider using screens around the office to help signify overpopulated areas. Pushing helpful information to screens, laptop and tablet devices of real time alerts maximises the opportunity to inform employees in the fastest, most effective way preventing over crowd.

Aura is on hand every step of the way starting with a full consultancy process to ensure any technology solutions are aligned with your business and working culture. We believe in adopting smart technology to help address the needs instead of creating a need for user adaption.

What we are trying to say is, Aura is here to help – with a vast amount of experience in changing the way workspaces are designed, we can help you.

If you have followed this blog series from the beginning (don’t worry if not, you catch them here) you will be well versed in some of the technology we recommend.

To find out more and to start your workspace journey with Aura, please contact us today.

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