Reimagining Workspace Futures - #3 Workplace Balancing

Watch - Reimagining Workspace Futures - #3 Workplace Balancing

The debate over the future of the workspace post COVID-19 grows daily, all reaching the very same conclusion: things will change. However, with this debate comes a lot of noise. Aura has always had the vision of reimagining workspace futures, even prior to the global pandemic – it has just accelerated the way businesses now look at how they aim to adapt this.  So instead, we are here to help clear the noise, offering our expert advice and leadership through this transformative time.

The third edition of our reimagining workspace futures article looks into how organisations can safely return to the workspace, focusing on helping find the right balance between office based working and remote working and using data from technology to help make smarter business decisions.

Connecting your technology to communicate will help you manage capacities.

Balancing staff numbers between those working in the office and those working remotely can be easily managed through customisable mobile apps. This not only allows employees to pre-book a desk or meeting room before reaching the office but can also be used to allocate car parking spaces. Measuring the capacity helps to prevent overpopulating the office, whilst keeping numbers below the appropriate guidelines and providing employees with the necessary information to inform their commuting decisions. By allowing an employee to manage their working day from a mobile app, you can provide them with the guidance before venturing out of the home.

Leveraging tools such as hybrid printing solutions will help enable secure cross sharing of information and data. An employee can take advantage of a managed device at home for local self-service, alternatively hybrid mail solutions will permit a remote worker to send a document for printing into an office environment via an on-line customised system and vice versa. This can also be used to send mail allowing employees to simply drag and drop letters/correspondence online with a secure customised portal and have documents sent first class. Reducing office and home printer demands and helping aid remote working.

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Next week #4 of our blog series will be discussing how to best communicate to employees or customers using smarter technology.

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