Reimagining Workspace Futures - #2 Non Touch Tech

Watch - Reimagining Workspace Futures - #2 Non Touch Tech

We never could have anticipated the way life as we knew it, would change. However, Aura’s vision from the start has always been to reimagine workspace futures, today. The unprecedented new reality is upon us and it is time to consider what life will look like when returning to the workplace, when retail stores re-open, hospitality sector remerging and corporate businesses reform.

Whilst realistically speaking, social innovations and experiments ranging from working from home to large-scale surveillance over social distancing will still be major factors and safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind. We would like to offer a helping hand and provide organisations with the right solutions to best adapt to these changes now, accelerating opportunities to transform businesses with smarter technology and improve employee wellbeing.

Tailoring the work environments ensuring safety guidelines are met, we recommend introducing non touch technology to your workplace. This will allow staff to control their environment by simply scanning their badge, mobile phone or by activating a device with their voice. This feature can enable actions such as turning on a display, starting a video conferencing call, control heating and aircon or closing blinds.

Authentication can also be used to for full document management, including printing, scanning, or photocopying without having to touch the device. Leveraging more automated workflow solutions to reduce the need to print a document in the first place will not only improve productivity, reduce printing volumes, storage costs and document retrieval but also helps to reduce that same physical touch component.

We know that each and every business is different and will require a range of new health, safety, and compliance factors as we enter this new business world. Aura is on hand every step of the way starting with a full consultancy process to ensure any technology solutions are aligned with your business and work culture. We believe in adopting technology and not creating a need for user adaption.

To find out more and to start your workspace journey with Aura, please contact us today.

Coming up next week, #3 of our blog series will be discussing how best to balance the return to the workplace and remote working.

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