Reimagining Workspace Futures - #1 Workspace Distancing

Watch - Reimagining Workspace Futures - #1 Workspace Distancing

Given the latest Government guidelines around Covid-19 and returning to ‘normality’, it is clear that there is continued level of uncertainty. Social distancing will likely continue for the foreseeable future including the necessary measures when returning to the workplace.

We believe organisations that best adapt to these changes now, can collectively fuel progress, solve problems and accelerate opportunities to transform their business whilst meeting staff expectations with safe guarding guidelines – and we are here to help. Throughout this series of blogs, we will be suggesting some key solutions that can help organisations transform the workplace ensuring a safer environment for its employees.

Organisations should take into consideration how they can facilitate social distancing into their workspaces, ensuring all occupied desks are sufficiently spaced with the recommended 2 meters distance and that flow is appropriately managed in high footfall areas. To maintain a safe working environment, we recommend real time occupancy sensors coupled with targeted digital signage to help our clients manage this.

Occupancy sensors help to automatically program scheduled allocated seating, allowing a desk to be reserved for a minimum number of days before the next person takes that space, thereby eliminating unnecessary sharing. Tackling the canteen, occupancy sensors and digital signage displays can work together to direct people to different zones as the occupancy of a specific area reaches its maximum capacity.

Ensuring the safety measures are taken one step further in a corporate environment, RFID readers can track if a desk or a meeting room has been sanitised by the facilities team before it is available for the next booking. It has never been more important that businesses stay ahead of the curve, planning for the future based on the emerging trends and latest government guidelines we see today and, as we have learned in 2020, being fully prepared for the unexpected.

To hear more about the solutions and measures we advise businesses to get ahead of, contact us today.

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