Introducing Aidan Solis as Aura’s Newest Project Manager

London, UK: 10 October 2020

The successful completion of a digital transformation project, whether at a single office or across a global estate, is no small feat. It can take months or years to plan and execute, and it doesn’t stop after stage one. Digital transformation is an on-going process. Businesses need to be adaptable to the future, understanding that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all system.

It’s for this reason that the role of a project manager should not be underestimated. At Aura, we place a huge amount of value on our project managers and their ability to guide clients through every stage of the transformation process. Working in synchronisation with every department within our business, customers and end-users, their commitment to excellence is just one of the driving forces behind our success.

Enabling the development of successful digital transformation projects

To ensure every digital transformation project runs smoothly, we look for the best of the best and are absolutely delighted to be bringing Aidan Solis on board to help manage and deliver some of our large and complex projects and programs.

Having finished a multimillion-pound transformation project for a global client, Aidan was searching for an exciting opportunity in a rapidly growing and developing market, leading him to our door.

Workspace technology helps us all to work smarter

Aidan says, “The digital office is a key asset for managers to help their employees stay connected, work smarter, and be more productive. With the impact of COVID, the digital office is needed now more than ever to ensure the points mentioned above are met. At Aura, we have a broad range of fascinating and innovative solutions to the challenges all businesses are facing, combined with some of the best consulting minds in the industry. For me, that is why I find the digital workspace transformation area at Aura a truly exciting place to be.

“Joining Aura’s project management team will mean working with professional, experienced and knowledgeable individuals every single day. I aim to bring my knowledge and experience around setting up and developing PMO functions and processes, leading large transformational and change management projects to ensure that we are constantly evolving to deliver better solutions for our clients.”

Ambition and determination will drive our business forward

For Aura, to have ambitious and determined people like Aidan join our team solidifies our goals for the next few years. Despite the current business climate, we continue to find solutions to unprecedented challenges and are excited to be able to grow our team with people who share our passion.

As a company, we are a huge advocate of promoting a healthy work-life balance and love to support our colleagues in their personal endeavours. To find out a little more about what drives Aidan outside of work, we sat down with him to ask a couple of questions.

What keeps you busy when you’re not at work?  

When I’m not at work I like to stay active and take part in a variety of different sports, whether that being taking the bike out at the weekend, playing weekly five-a-side, or training for my personal goal of swimming The Channel.  

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?  

It is tough to name just one place, it would have to be a tour of Asia to see places such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore to name a few! 

What’s your biggest claim to fame?  

Getting the experience to play at Lord’s cricket ground and hitting a 4! 

Tell us about the achievement you’re most proud of?  

I have just purchased my first house which is a significant milestone for me and an achievement I am very proud of.  

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