Immersive training is crucial to talent retention

Written By Chief Sales Officer, Adam Wilson

14 December 2020

2020 has catalysed an unprecedented wave of remote working trends across the globe. We have witnessed an evolving professional world in which location is no longer a crucial factor when it comes to attendance at meetings, training and demonstrations. At a time in which technology has also accelerated at resounding speed, there is an increased need for employers to keep on top of the latest trends to keep their employees engaged whilst working remotely.

Working remotely has its pros and cons: despite the convenience of operating from home, many miss the in-person connectivity that working environments bring. Moreover, working remotely doesn’t mean that the needs of employees have changed: the importance of self-development and training opportunities remains of high significance to staff. In short, when workplaces invest in high-quality training opportunities, staff feel looked after and are more likely to stay. 

Nowadays, companies must seek ways to provide high-quality training, whilst tackling the obstacles of remote working. It is not just about the quality of your training, but the quality of how your training is delivered. The problem is that bridging the gap between online and reality is difficult: it is hard to maintain connectivity and cohesion between employees whilst working behind a screen. Therefore, space has emerged for a new type of medium – a hybrid digital solution which aims to hit three major goals of attracting, engaging and retaining your talent pool. Our X20 Collaboration Room is a collaborative training solution which offers a uniquely immersive and engaging experience within learning environments. As Aura’s Chief Sales Officer for Collaboration, I want to break down some reasons why investing in enterprise-grade technology is likely to lead to a higher retention rate of your staff.      

Overcome barriers to traditional training platforms

To stand out from the crowd, businesses must give their staff more than their competitors can. Traditional training platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams serve a purpose; however, they can feel one-dimensional and flat to users. Through these mediums, it is hard to achieve authentic engagement between tutors and students and facilitate questions, group-work or contributions.

To conquer this, our technology ensures that collaboration is at the core. With each participant having a live talking head, learners are immersed in an engaging system with directional, high-quality audio. The system embeds cameras around your training room, resulting in multiple angles and views for your students and staff. Compared to the singular camera view on traditional platforms, the system allows for smart interactivity between each participant.    

The main advantage of this multi-view feature is that it enables teamwork: teams can split into groups easily. Ultimately, this increased level of engagement means that the pace of teaching will be right for the audience and they can receive feedback. Through these state-of-the-art immersive features, the solution overcomes barriers that these traditional processes face. By emulating real-life, audiences remain stimulated and interested.

Expand your talent pool across time zones and locations

The collaboration room system revolutionizes traditional platforms through forward-thinking audio and video, and this has many advantages when it comes to your business. Bridging the gap between online and in-person means there are fewer limitations to your training sessions.

Firstly, it offers the ability to search for talent not just locally, but globally. Being able to communicate in such an immersive, far-reaching way means you can widen your talent pool. In a hiring process, you can scout for talent across countries and time-zones, which naturally broadens your scope for success.

Secondly, the multi-user interface facilitates up to 120 participants, meaning businesses aren’t restricted to a room’s capacity. Participants from across the globe can engage and collaborate in team-based training. By delivering training to large numbers of people, businesses can, in turn, save money. What’s more, the remote presenters have full control of the delivery of their training, meaning they are not restricted to location. The solution offers flexibility for all.  

Boost employee wellbeing and satisfaction

68% of staff find training and development impact their career decisions. Therefore, the best way to retain talent is to invest in your staff. With this in mind, the solution prioritises employee satisfaction, and this has a variety of positive impacts. Firstly, the nature of remote working takes away the physical challenge of getting to training events in person. The solution fits around flexible working schedules, streamlining working days and making timetables as seamless as possible.

Offering the opportunity for flexibility undeniably increases employee morale and productivity as their needs are prioritized. The platform aims to imitate the feeling of community that exists naturally in an office environment.  By creating this sense of real-life connectivity and engagement, staff satisfaction and wellness will in turn improve. It creates a feeling of inclusivity and thoughtfulness towards your staff.

So, is it worth it?

When faced with the problem of retaining staff, investing in Aura’s collaborative technology creates endless possibilities for your business. It not only eliminates problems faced by traditional communication platforms but also enables you to scout staff world-wide. At Aura, we offer a futuristic vision into a working environment which gives your staff the best chance possible to thrive professionally. In my experience, I believe that providing an optimal collaborative space, you can give your staff the best chance at thriving, allowing for creativity, engagement, collaboration and freedom. This results in happier staff, who stay long-term. To start your workspace journey with Aura, contact us today.

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