Healthcare Settings - The Next Generation

The healthcare ecosystem is as huge as it is complex. From primary care organisations and hospital, mental health, community and ambulance trusts, to private healthcare providers, charities and social enterprises, the size and remit of the different parts of the system varies wildly. 

The scale and complexity of the sector, as well as its critical importance to people’s lives, means that digital transformation has been more of a challenge than it has been for other more streamlined and nimble sectors. In addition, every investment decision must be made with patient care at its heart, and there is no room for getting it wrong. If ever there were environments that need to be optimised through intelligent design and clever technology, these are they.

In this white paper we offer a summary of the key considerations around using the latest technology to facilitate the hospitals of the future, including:

  • Transitioning hospitals of the future and other facilities within health services, using the right technology to enable better service and user experience in addition to delivering concurrent cost-saving and quality-improvement benefits
  • How creating a positive working environment, frictionless staff experience, and better sustainability can reap significant rewards
  • The role print less, automate more can play in improving the quality of care and work, with a 7 step paper-lite guide
  • Bringing people together under one purpose. Solving the challenge of engaging a dispersed workforce and fostering the company culture

Click here to download our paper ‘The next generation’ and find out just how taking a holistic approach to technology will transform a health and social care sector.

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