Connected workplace: beyond the office

Most recently, creating a digital workplace has been a big driver for organisations to help streamline processes, optimise building management and integrate the right technology. As a leading consultancy and technology provider, we specialise in, and bring together, workspace design, collaboration solutions and transformation management.

With a dispersed workforce, ensuring your operations remain ‘business-as-usual’ is vital. Aura helps to empower workforces to perform more efficiently across any organisation or situation that may be at hand. Implementing a connected workplace goes beyond the technology provided in just the office, but how employees can create, share, receive, print, send and receive dynamic content to anyone, anywhere, in real time.

Whilst organisations are ensuring their workforce is prepared for remote working, Aura aims to facilitate efficient communications across the workforce in any given situation. With a wide range of content delivery and printing services available everything and everyone can work seamlessly together, transforming the interplay between technology and the people in your business.

So, how do we help organisations achieve this?

As an independent provider, we carefully select best-in-class solutions that are tailor made for your organisation. We source, install and integrate all workspace technology for your organisation ensuring that it delivers the best experience for your teams and your customers. This consistent delivery and support across your business drives greater productivity as we measure, maintain and optimise all your technology and workflows.

Hybrid printing

An advanced online delivery solution that allows you to create, print and post your mail, without leaving your desk or home. Using your existing desktop applications and creating your document in the normal way, you are in control of brand consistency. A flexible, secure and cost-effective solution for every piece of mail you send. Drag and drop to your secure online portal and we’ll do the the rest for you. With 66% of addressed mail opened and a further 82% of direct mail read for more than a minute, your message has over a week to make an impact through its physical presence in the home.

Integrate this into the business generally and voila, you have a smoother, easier and more efficient process as well as being environmentally friendly. Saving you costs on stationery, toner and space.

Target communications

Providing the tools necessary to drive optimum outcome from your business communications, we can help you distribute videos, images or real-time data to all employees anywhere in the organisation, in real time. Delivered to any screen, the platform provides users with the flexibility to customise messages across geographic regions, business units, departments and to remote workers.

Typical Applications

  • Company news and announcements
  • Targeted “push” notifications
  • Live town hall meetings
  • Business intelligence dashboards
  • Operations and sales reporting
  • Employee surveys and polls
  • Real-time and emergency alerts

To learn more about the solutions, we can offer to drive optimum outcomes, get in touch with Aura today.

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