Aura-Vega partnership promises to be greater than the sum of its parts

Aura-Vega partnership promises to be greater than the sum of its parts

Aura and Vega are delighted to announce their strategic partnership, combining the leading workspace technology solutions specialist’s holistic and objectives-driven approach to connecting digital and physical workspaces, with the AV integration specialist’s end-to-end service, characterised by best-practice solutions carefully tailored to meet business need.

Vega is one of APAC’s largest systems integrators and managed service providers for audiovisual solutions, video conferencing, and collaboration technologies. The award-winning AV/IT integrator has a client list of leading names across a wide variety of sectors and is the preferred technology partner for numerous enterprises and Fortune Global 500 companies.

By solidifying our relationship with Vega, Aura will extend our capacity to expand operations in Europe and the US, as well as reach new markets in Asia.

“Together the combined strengths of Aura and Vega offer greater capacity to deliver the best possible service at a global level, and the opportunity to maximise the benefits of connected workspaces which support wider business objectives,” said Alpesh Unalkat, Aura’s CEO. “Across all sectors we’re seeing an ever-increasing emphasis on strategies that connect physical and digital workspaces for better productivity, collaboration and economy for improved business resilience, agility, sustainability – and ultimately profitability – even against the backdrop of a challenging economic climate.”

“This partnership represents the ideal opportunity for both Aura and Vega to compete and grow in the global marketplace,” added Matthew Deayton, Deputy CEO at Vega. “With our complementary strengths and the fact that there’s such a good fit in terms of our mutual approach – we’re both vendor-agnostic; committed to delivering the myriad benefits of cost control, increased productivity and improved user experience through our integrated solutions; and take pride in the quality of our end-to-end service – the Aura-Vega partnership promises to be greater than the sum of its parts, to the benefit of all.”

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