Aura Team Engagement Survey

At Aura, we believe in open and honest dialogue and in November 2020, Aura carried out its first-ever team engagement survey.  We wanted to hear the team’s feedback and get their insight into what is important to them about their work at Aura. The response rate was a whopping 92%, which is totally amazing. 

The results overall were very strong, and it is clear from the feedback that there are areas that Aura does excel in, particularly around the connection everyone feels to the Aura Vision and Brand with people telling us that they are able to see the link between their day to day work and the overall Aura business goals.

Our team have great confidence in our future and they feel that their opinion is valued even when they may have a contrary opinion. People feel empowered to make decisions about their work and they have told us that they feel respected by their colleagues and they help each other out. Communication and providing challenging work are some of the things we do well. Aura was born into a Covid world and we are pleased that our team feels this way.

We know that we do have areas to work on.  As we said when Aura was launched in March 2020, on our journey there will always be unknowns, we know that. We want to discover these with the team at Aura and work together to find the answers for the benefit of everyone. This is part of our culture: Collaborative, Transformative. Responsible.

Click here to view the full results from the survey.

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