Aura's Q4 Value Awards 2020

At Aura, our company isn’t just built on the outcomes we achieve with our clients but is also highly focused on our employees and their achievements. Progression is key to success and each member of our team is encouraged to actively progress within their role, taking on challenges and responsibilities to ensure they are a dynamic and irreplaceable person within Aura.

To support Aura’s growth and our vision for the future, we actively reward employees for going above and beyond when it comes to expressing our core values; Responsible, Transformative, Collaborative. Each quarter, we ask the team to nominate someone they think deserves to be recognised for the part they’ve played within their team.

Find out more about 2020’s Q4 winners below and from the board at Aura, we’d like to say a huge thank you!

Responsible - Corrinne Fijac

Corrinne is one of our superheroes, always working quietly away in the background. Corrinne always goes above and beyond, is always available to assist and nothing is ever too much to ask. If she doesn’t know, she’ll find out. Whatever it takes. Teamwork, respect and togetherness, Corrinne, you inspire us all.

I was initially quite shocked and surprised but at the same time extremely grateful to be given the award. It was a really nice feeling to be recognised for what others see as hard work and dedication. I would like to thank those that nominated me and hope I can continue to do them proud. I am very excited and proud to be part of such a fantastic team where respect, teamwork and dedication is recognised.

Transformative - Trinity Seenath

Trin received a number of nominations and all of them shared with us how Trin always approaches her work in a super positive way and proactively helps others with the transformation to the new Aura model. Trin also takes time to transform herself too, always being ready to listen to any advice given, and taking the advice on board becoming a better salesperson for it. Trin is positive and upbeat about the future of the business and also is working hard to cross-sell into existing customers. Consistently positive, supportive, and motivated to achieve as ‘Aura’. Trin you are a great advocate for Aura.

It has been a massive boost to receive recognition for the work I’m doing, not just from the management team, but from my colleagues too. It doesn’t take much to show that someone is valued, yet it doesn’t often happen in other organisations, however it’s a big focus here and I for one massively appreciate it, it means a lot to me. Although 2021 may pose some challenges, there are also so many fantastic opportunities too and I genuinely feel Aura are giving us all the tools we need to succeed and thrive and I am very excited to be part of this journey. Bring it on!”

Collaborative - Amir Amirkhani

Amir’s nomination was very impressive, and while Amir has demonstrated all three of our values, we particularly wanted to recognise Amir for his collaborative approach. In Q4, Amir has been developing his relationships across Aura, working very closely with the APMS team on the HCA audits. Despite having little knowledge of print he was able to comprehend the instructions during our project outline brief and worked meticulously to ensure he not only met but exceeded his deliverables.

I was truly surprised and amazed when one of my colleagues informed me that I had been nominated. It is always an incredible feeling when an employee is recognised by their managers due to the achievements. A kind of recognition that is as humbling as it is gratifying!

And I was massively grateful and honoured, and still AM. So, I DO appreciate you, AURA, for the recognition and thoughtful words. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on HCA project alongside of our London team. I hope I will exceed your expectations once again during this coming year.“

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