Aura’s Q3 Value Awards 2020

Aura was born into a world facing COVID-19 and since the start of our journey in March, our team have carried us forward in unimaginable ways. We launched our business in the midst of one of the most uncertain and turbulent times the majority of us can remember, but we persevered and have gained strength, knowledge and determination along the way.

Every day the people at Aura surprise us with their enthusiasm and dedication to their roles and our business. However, each quarter, we ask everyone to nominate a colleague or team who have stood out that little bit extra and truly made their mark within Aura. We have built our awards around our three core values, transformative, responsible and collaborative and encourage everyone to take part.

This quarter, we’d like to celebrate the success of the following members of staff who have gone above and beyond – thank you all so much!

Transformative – Georgina Robinson

Georgie was nominated by so many people within Aura in recognition of her leadership through the brand transition and the exceptional deliverables that were achieved in a short space of time. This has been truly transformative. Georgie, thank you for your significant contribution!

“Though the hard work will continue as the brand continues to grow and develop, it has certainly been an exciting journey transitioning from two brands into one, ensuring a cohesive message to all customers and stakeholders. For anyone that's ever worked on a brand transition, they will know that it’s much more than just a change of logos. Receiving this nomination was the cherry on top for me, and it was lovely to be recognised for all the hard work. Aura is a brand I feel proud to be associated with and I am extremely excited about the journey ahead of us.”

Responsible – Katie Havard-Jones

Katie worked tirelessly to meet the brand transition deadlines and provided a constant safety net, turning over all stones to find any item which may need re-branding. Katie demonstrated proactivity and dedication, taking responsibility for a huge array of tasks. Katie, thank you for striving for excellence!

“It was a great experience to be involved in the brand transition to Aura, you don’t realise how the smallest of detail can have the biggest effects. It was a learning journey for me, as well as something that provided a sense of achievement. It is lovely to be recognised for the work that was put into this and I’d like to say thank you from me to everyone who supported me along the way. I look forward to continuing with the transitions on the Aura journey.”

Collaborative – Stewart Harrison

The nomination for Stewart focused on how he is always happy to assist and share his wealth of knowledge, giving additional training when and where needed. Stewart seeks to understand by asking the right questions and tailors his support to what is needed in any situation or specific subject. He was described as a great tutor. Stewart, thank you for being supportive and collaborative! 

“I was shocked initially as I had never considered I would even be nominated and then pleasantly surprised. I am just happy to be part of the team.”

Nominations are already underway for Q4 and we look forward to hearing about all the great work that’s been achieved in the last few months.

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