Aura celebrates high levels of employee satisfaction

Aura celebrates high levels of employee satisfaction

At Aura we know that our people are our biggest asset. It’s only because of our team that we can deliver the groundbreaking connected workspace solutions that offer our clients better productivity, collaboration and economy – and, ultimately, profitability.

This people-centric awareness is at the heart of our approach to company policy, and to ensure our decisions are backed by dependable intelligence, we put a great emphasis on employee engagement.

One of the measures we use to check that our employee engagement strategy works is eNPS – or ‘employer net promotion score’. This metric is a simple way to gauge employee satisfaction, and it’s also one of the more accurate methods, because participation rates are so high (owing to its simplicity; just one question is asked: “How likely is it that you would recommend Aura as a place to a friend or former colleague?”).

We’re delighted to announce that our mid-year pulse check has been completed, and we can proudly say that our eNPS has gone up to an impressive 41.

“The increase of our eNPS is testament to how our team pulled together during what has been quite a tough time for everyone over the past year, and also the investments we’ve made to support our staff,” said Sharon Bridgland-Gough, Head of Talent. “We pride ourselves in our positive, transparent culture, and the way in which we foster two-way communications within and between departments. We’re really proud of what we’ve all achieved so far, and are looking forward to the next chapter in Aura’s growth and success.”


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