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Digital signage - Drawing in visitors, increasing sales

Eye-catching large-format digital displays became a critical part of the communications strategy for evolving the Royal Opera House as cultural hub

Awe-inspiring presentation with targeted advertising

Stunning Art displayed on large curved screens

Digital messaging promotes upcoming performances

Business Challenge

Home to two of the world’s greatest artistic companies – The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet – the Royal Opera House underwent its first major refurbishment in 27 years. The ‘Open Up’ project was designed to enliven the venue, making it more accessible to wider audiences, through its transformation into an inclusive cultural and social hub. For the first time, the venue would be open during the day, and welcome a broad demographic into its bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as to free events.

Aura Solution

Of the 12 large-format displays that were installed throughout the venue, the most dramatic element is the 28.5 sq m 90-degreecurved LED screen that wraps around the revolving doors at the Covent Garden Piazza entrance. Designed to catch the eye of passing visitors, and draw them into the newly redeveloped space, this huge ultra-high-definition digital canvas offers scope to project artwork and video at a grand scale – but refresh the graphic with the ease of a mouse click.

Elsewhere, large format displays deliver visitor information from wayfinding to menus, and advertise upcoming performances, as well as having the option to broadcast a wide variety of compelling content. Passers-by on Bow Street can see what’s on, thanks to four 65” ultra-high-definition screens, while larger 84” panels offer visitor information in the Ground Level foyer and in the Linbury foyer, as well as in the ROH shop. Other spaces, such as the Crush Room, and the Amphitheatre Level, also feature screens which display information to assist latecomers during performances.

At the front of house, ROH display stunning images of art on a large curved LED screen completing its entrance, attracting footfall from the streets of London.

"Thanks to the flexibility of the content management system, staff can easily update messaging to suit the day’s events, to not only provide up-to-the-minute visitor information, but also optimise sales through targeted advertising"

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