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IP video & streaming - creating an immersive brand experience

By incorporating cutting-edge AV tech into their expansion plans, British sports clothing brand Rapha conceived their flagship London store as an experiential wonderland that appeals to a broad cycling community.

Central management of marketing content

High impact 110’’ video wall

Simultaneously host events for the cycling community

Business Challenge

A sports clothing brand established in 2004, Rapha’s purpose is to celebrate and promote cycling – and make some of the most stylish, desirable cycling attire on the market. Thanks to its burgeoning success, bucking retail trends, the brand recently invested in the expansion of its flagship store, to deliver the best brand experience to the capital’s cycling community.

“Rapha Clubhouses exist for members to find the products they want, but also to help them get closer to the cycling community and closer to the sport itself,” says Simon Mottram, Rapha Founder and CEO. “So it’s great that we will now have more space to host exhibitions and events, and a better appointed cafe for London’s cyclists to enjoy, along with room to show our entire product range.”

Aura Futures partnered with business music provider Perfect Octave to deliver a unified and integrated audio-visual solution, to enhance background in-house music, live events, and overall experience for London’s cycling enthusiasts.

Aura Solution

Enabled by Aura’s digital signage solutions – using a high impact 110’’ video wall, strategically placed to direct information across the entire site – combining integrated audio distribution and digital casting provided Rapha with the ability to host a variety of events for the cycling community, often simultaneously. This technological capability supports Rapha’s brand strategy, which puts an emphasis on destination retail and brand-community building events.

This digital signage solution enables the central management of the marketing content, including the distribution of HD/4k video to different end points. It also optimises different content formats for different screen sizes, making the deployment of campaigns easier and more flexible – and the easy-to-use system helps to control marketing budgets, too.

Thanks to the addition of this cutting-edge technology, the newly enlarged and enhanced Clubhouse will act as the ultimate Rapha experience, and showcase everything the brand has to offer: a community hub and a place to meet like-minded people, a trusted destination to get advice or find inspiration in stories past and present, and the gateway to discovering cycling sports of all kinds

Cycling enthusiasts can get together at the Clubhouse, have a coffee and a bite to eat, while watching live-streamed races (for example, the Tour de France), and browse the store or ask the staff for help with product choices or other information.

"It’s great that we will now have more space to host exhibitions and events, and a better appointed cafe for London’s cyclists to enjoy, along with room to show our entire product range"

Simon Mottram, Rapha Founder and CEO

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