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Augmented print and workflow - Aura transforms working environment with high volume demands met with ease

Aura replaced this large communications organisations’ outdated equipment and transformed this organisations’ workplace, making a significant impact on the business by improving efficiency and their carbon footprint

Installation of full colour and high-speed black and white printers

Monitoring, measuring, and managing of network-wide document output

Introduced the Doc-Q-Manager electronic ticketing system

Business Challenge

The equipment at this large communications organisation headquarters within the print room had become outdated, no longer able to meet the demands of the organisation and this large communications organisation wanted to produce more literature in-house rather than outsourcing.

Aura Solution

Aura completed a full analysis of the costs and implications before making its proposals. The new full colour and high-speed black and white copier printers and online and off-line booklet maker systems Aura installed enabled this large communications organisation to meet its high volume demands with consistently high quality and reliability.

By introducing Equitrac through Ricoh, the client can monitor, measure, and manage network-wide document output. Aura and Ricoh also introduced the Doc-Q Manager electronic job ticketing system which allows the print room to manage its workload more effectively.

To date, the client has achieved better in-house print quality, obtained valuable management information to control costs, made a significant impact to their carbon footprint obligations and improved efficiency across the business.

"We had no idea what our overall printing capabilities were and what it was costing us"

Head of Communication

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