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Augmented print and workflow - top savings for top education customer, reducing waste & improved efficiency

Aura helped this education customer create a more transparent contract approach and model to improve efficiency across 30 autonomous sites.

All desktop printers were upgraded with follow-me secure print devices

Integrated rules-based printing on every site

Entire accounts payable process became 100% paperless

Business Challenge

With 30 relatively autonomous sites across the UK, this education customer was struggling to contain a proliferation of different devices. Print volumes were believed to be over 8 million copies per quarter and there was widespread acknowledgement that cultural, as well as operational changes, would be necessary to bring this volume down.

Aura Solution

All desktop printers were upgraded with follow-me secure print devices so that print volumes across the business are now visible and measurable, and more secure from cyber-attacks. By allowing the company to see more of the savings, it enables them to continue to make further adjustments and improvements. Aura used programme savings to invest in a quality document management solution, resulting in the client’s entire accounts payable process becoming 100% paperless.

By taking advantage of new software, information is now more easily shared, as the need to print and then rescan a document back into the system has been eliminated.

Embracing the client’s request in a very positive fashion, the process has resulted in a new five-year solution which represents a radical and innovative step forward in the managed print marketplace, helping to save more than initially forecast.

Aura eliminated unwanted print jobs by implementing a PIN-release function which now sees 7.3% of jobs either deleted or expired without printing – representing a saving of over 90,000 pages per month.

"We were able to build a collaborative relationship with Aura"

Financial Director

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