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Unified communications - flexible, scalable E-Learning centre of excellence

In order to expand their capacity for a remote study offering, including both learning and assessment, Cardiff University invested in cutting-edge technology for their new £1.9m e-Learning and e-Assessment Facility (e-LEAF).

Crestron NXV system for flexibility, scalability and security

Device-agnostic wired and wireless connectivity

Lecturer-orientated display controls

Business Challenge

As part of the University’s strategy to cement its standing as one of the top 20 universities in the UK, the institution opened their brand-new e-Learning and e-Assessment Facility (eLEAF) in order to increase capacity for independent learning, progressive teaching and cutting-edge research. The space includes 165 new workstations, and thanks to its multifunctional zoning and sliding partition walls, it can accommodate a range of activities, from training and private study to small and large group teaching and practical classes.  The AV brief for this new centre included a specific requirement for flexibility, intuitive screens that were easily accessible to both the students and lecturer, while the sound system needed to enable the lecturer to move freely around the room.  

Aura Solution

Aura installed AV over IP technology, that provided an enhanced flexibility and scalability. It also offered enhanced security features while being device agnostic – students can connect their own devices, whether through wired or wireless connections.

Using encoder/decoders formed the basis of the AV distribution with Netgear switching alongside touch panels and control processing to provide convenient control for the lecturer. The lecturer’s display was designated the main control, although they were also able to choose to show students’ work from any display within the room, using a bespoke graphic user interface created by the Aura team. Clip-on radio microphones were installed to enable the lecturer to move around the space freely and still be heard clearly.

An occupancy sensor is used to power down the system when no one is in the room. 

Students and lecturers now have access to an interactive AV system, huddle working pods, multimedia communications and imaging facilities, which enhance the overall student learning experience, and increase opportunities for interactive teaching activities for undergraduate and postgraduate students in bio-informatics, computer modelling based approaches, and data-driven biology.

“The feedback we receive from our users, both staff and students, is that they are very happy with how intuitive and user-friendly everything is. As a school and a university, we have a reputation for scientific excellence, research-led teaching, and teaching innovation. Thanks to the collaboration with Aura and Crestron, the eLEAF facility allows us to build on our successes by supporting the delivery of a UK-leading curriculum for life sciences students, and more widely will provide real added value to the students of Cardiff University.”

Peter Dunsire, Senior Project Manager, Cardiff University

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