Smooth navigation isn’t just for sailors, drivers or intuitive apps, it’s an essential part of ensuring an efficient, productive and stress-free working day in any workplace.

Simple wayfinding that works for you

With workforces often dispersed and perhaps working in several locations, plus the sheer size of many office facilities, it’s fair to say that the physical navigation of an organisation’s buildings can be a challenge at times. How many working hours are collectively lost yearly, by your staff trying to find the right conference room, or even the right building, to meet and collaborate with colleagues in person? Then there’s the inefficiency (or even risk) caused by employees not reading an update they’ve been sent through an internal communication system – perhaps the meeting place has changed, or maybe a location has been closed for a health and safety reason.

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Save time, reduce stress, focus on what matters

Our wayfinding systems strip all this complexity and uncertainty out of the working day, freeing people up to focus on what matters. With visual communication displays activated by voice control or QR code, users can find where they need to be in a touch-free way, with virtual walkthroughs and 3D map functionality to help people better visualise their journeys, locate a colleague or department, or even book resources.

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Know where you’re going, and just go

These device-agnostic wayfinding tools can display images, messaging, video and live content, for the ultimate in tailored, application-specific solutions. But despite the seeming complexity of this flexible system, the user-friendly interface makes the experience streamlined and straightforward, for the easiest and most helpful wayfinding experience, no matter the level of the user’s tech knowhow.

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