Visitor Management

With multiple workspaces – whether across continents or simply across floors – managing the flow of people in, out and around your buildings can be challenging.

An elegant solution for managing your visitors

Thanks to our next-generation technology, there’s an elegant solution. Our integrated visitor management system helps employees, visitors and contractors navigate your sites, automatically providing them with the information they need to do so efficiently. They can easily and speedily check themselves in and out of a building (with an automatic notification being sent to their host contact on arrival), for a streamlined approach to security and occupancy visibility. Our secure online registration tool is intuitive and easy to use, ensuring that the flow of the working day isn’t interrupted, plus all data is transferred and stored securely, for GDPR compliance.

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Space occupancy monitoring for safety and compliance

With real-time tracking of occupancy levels across multiple buildings within an estate, you can be assured of compliance with fire safety regulations, without the administrative burden. Additionally, where further restrictions apply (such as the need for social distancing), the automated system can be modified to avoid overcrowding and ensure compliance. This not only enables everybody to work safely, but provides important peace of mind to employees and visitors.

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Better visibility for better decision making

Not only does the system’s real-time data enable optimal decisions to be made in an agile way, but a detailed analysis can reveal important trends – helping you make better business decisions regarding an estate, and therefore streamline operational costs and resources.

To find out how our smart visitor management systems could offer you operational efficiency and cost reduction benefits, speak to a member of our expert team today.

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