AV & Conferencing

In the 21st century workspace, connectivity is key – and video conferencing is the cornerstone of the work-from-anywhere culture. Whether your staff are based at home, in the office or at a satellite hot-desk, a seamless experience throughout the working day enhances both their own wellbeing and their productivity. It’s a win/win.

Workforce collaboration that defies distance

Our AV and conferencing services enable employees (and clients) to present, share content, and engage in productive meetings without the need to spend time and money getting together in the same room. Not only that, but having virtual meeting technology in place sets your business up to succeed, no matter what happens in the world. Our wireless communication and collaboration tools can flex to fit changing needs in an instant, neatly side-stepping business continuity challenges, providing stability for staff and customers alike.

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AV and conferencing: the future is here

Intuitively designed for maximum effectiveness and ease of use, our intelligent tech AV and conferencing solutions allow employees to walk into any of their workspace locations – including a home office set-up – and simply pick up where they left off. No delays to upload new software to a device, no hunting around for the right cable, no reading the manual for tips on an unfamiliar bit of tech. With such an easily self-managed working environment, the focus can be on achieving business objectives rather than the practical niggles that result in lost time, lost productivity and lost morale.

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Streamlined, simple and secure tech solutions

By integrating all the necessary communication and collaboration tools – rather than relying on a bundle of individually managed applications – it’s not just efficiencies in time that can be made, but cost, too. Also, as our solutions are device agnostic, there’s no need to worry about the cost and hassle of ensuring smartphone and laptop consistency across the business. Compatibility simply isn’t an issue. Neither is security.

To find out more about how Aura’s intelligent technology can help you optimise the productivity and engagement of a dispersed workforce, improving business outcomes as well as staff experience and satisfaction, get in touch today.

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